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UPDATED: 6/11/14 6:00 AM

On June 3, citizens of California's 52nd congressional district went to the polls to decide which two of four hopefuls would advance to the November general election. When the votes were counted, incumbent Democratic representative Scott Peters and Republican Carl DeMaio--a former San Diego city councilman--emerged victorious, with 42 and 36 percent of the vote, respectively. Republican Kirk Jorgensen finished third with 18 percent of the vote, followed by Republican Fred J. Simon Jr. with four percent.

Story: In 52nd congressional district, Republican precincts saw higher turnout

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Single Candidate Receiving The Most Votes

How to read this map:

This map is colored based on preliminary election results by precinct.

  • Precincts in which Democrat Scott Peters won a majority of the vote are blue.
  • Precincts in which the three Republican candidates combined to win a majority of the vote are red.
  • Precincts in which Scott Peters tied with the three Republican candidates are purple.
  • Precincts in which no votes were cast for any of the candidates are black.

Click on a precinct to see how it voted. Enter your address in the address field to find your precinct. Use the slider to filter precincts by voter turnout. Use the checkboxes to toggle precincts by the single candidate receiving the most votes.

Note: 11 precincts not tied to specific geographic areas are absent from this map.

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Source: San Diego County Registrar of Voters | Map and analysis by Joe Yerardi | Based on a map template by Derek Eder.